Facebook: Where Life Change Happens…

I have a fairly blunt personality.

If you know me at all, then you did not need me to admit that to know it to be true.  Sometimes, my blunt personality gets me into trouble.  I tend to say things that come off as abrasive even when I have good intentions. That’s my problem and I, obviously, need to work on it.

Recently, my pastor friend, Rob, and I have been talking about ways in which we can impact the culture for Christ.  The answer for me in the past has been through the use of Facebook posts…tons of Facebook posts about my views on the SCOTUS decision on same-sex marriage, Planned Parenthood, and, of course Kim Davis (If you don’t know what I’m talking about then you’ve obviously been living under a rock…no offense).

These are things that I am passionate about…things that have deeply stirred my convictions.  Now, all of that is fine and dandy, but, as Rob pointed out, I have missed something.

What am I offering the world in exchange?  What kind of picture am I painting?

I mean, yeah – I hate abortion, but what are the alternatives and how do Christians play a part?  I believe that God has designed sexuality and marriage in a specific way, but how am I displaying that?  How am I showing God’s loving, beautiful, and perfect design in my own life?

Short answer: I am not.

Well, shoot.

Rob and I first spoke about this a while back.  Since then, I have been sitting, thinking, praying, reading, praying more, thinking more…all the while still posting on Facebook.

Then it hit me.  Truth is important.  It’s the foundation we lay our lives on and Jesus is our ultimate reality and treasure…but, I don’t show that.  Instead, I make polarizing posts on Facebook.

Jesus convicted people.  He called them to repentance.  He showed them the example that they were to live by.

But He also loved them!  He loved the woman who was almost stoned to death because she was caught in the act of adultery.  He loved the woman at the well who had had 5 husbands.  He loved the rich man who refused to give up his riches to follow Jesus.  And THEN He called them to obedience.  THEN He demanded action.  But, FIRST, He showed them love, grace, and mercy.

So where is the grace in my speech? Does my Facebook properly represent Jesus and His grace?

Don’t get me wrong, I stand behind my opinions on these subjects, but am I simply being a noisy gong?

Or am I resembling the Love of Jesus in every facet of my life? 

The answer is… I’m working on it.

I seek to be filled with the Love of God, and, for that love to in turn fill my words and actions, on- and off-line.  I offer this blog to anyone who knows me as a means to hold me accountable in this pursuit.  But, I also want to offer this blog as a challenge to you, the reader.  May this blog inspire thought for all of us, conservative and progressive alike…

What are your posts, comments, and attitudes reflecting? Are your posts bringing anyone closer to Jesus?

May we have the grace to be bold and humble in our conversations, and may Christ’s love fill us until we are overflowing.

Imagine what would happen if we went from Facebook wars to coffee shop chats…to welcoming people into our living rooms…to eating with people who didn’t agree with us…to praying for those who we feel are not seeing the truth of God’s plan and design for their lives?

Imagine if we loved like Jesus, while not caving to the culture or hiding behind phrases like “It’s not my place” or “That’s between them and God.”

Jesus changed the world by pouring into 12 men.

Imagine what you could do.